About Us

Drug addiction is not something to take lightly, and all of us in this blog agree with that. We have different topics to look at different aspects of drug addiction. Nydia Narvaez talks about prescription pain medication addiction, Leah Flaskerud talks about alcoholism, and Sasha Hopfauf talks about drug addiction with different age groups.

Nydia Narvaez is currently working in a laboratory at American Crystal Sugar and taking courses at NDSU for her bachelor’s degree to become a Medical Laboratory Scientist. She tells us her personal experiences and struggles with prescription addiction. She hopes that maybe one of these experiences can reach out to someone who is also struggling or has a loved one experiencing the tribulations and disappoints behind the addiction.

Leah Flaskerud is currently working as an LPN and taking courses at NDSU for her bachelor’s degree as a Registered Nurse. Her personal story about living as a recovering alcoholic as well as having relationships with others trying to recover make the topic of alcoholism and addiction one that hits home.  She hopes that her personal experiences help reduce the stigma and bring awareness to this problem that affects so many.

Sasha Hopfauf is a student at NDSU studying Respiratory Therapy. She will start her internship this coming fall with hopes to be graduated in 15 months! Her personal experiences with her brother help make writing about her topic realistic because she’s witnessed it her whole life. She hopes to bring awareness to all the different ages since addiction is becoming more and more common with everyone.

We hope this blog is helpful in many ways!